About Us

About Us

About Us

We empower New Generation Advanced Technologies.

As data orchestration Experts, we combine our international Expertise from our different entities to evaluate, propose, integrate, and enable data value-chain to unlock business values.

Our focus is to reduce manual intervention and to provide powerful predictive and actionable insights to drive business & operational efficiencies, to enable new business and product innovations. While we can add value to most industries requiring data orchestration and business enabling software modernization, our current team brings deep vertical industry knowledge into Maritime Operations, Logistics & Distribution, Telco, Healthcare, and Lifestyle sectors.

Currently, we have four entities located in Malaysia, Singapore, India, and United Arab Emirates. Aventra Group Sdn Bhd, Aventra Digital Singapore Pte Ltd, Aventra Digital India Pte Ltd, and Aventra Digital Limited.

Our Approach

At Aventra Group, we believe in pragmatism over activism

Achieving business outcomes from the enablement of Advanced Digital Technologies requires a good understanding of where you are, where you want to be, and the gap you need to fill to arrive there. This service level requires a rare amalgamation of technical Expertise combined with savvy business personnel. At Aventra, we put these resources at your disposal.

Our approach is different because we are 100% business-oriented and clearly understand that technology is just an enabler. Experience has taught us that a data-driven organization involves a combination of people, processes, and technology.



To provide our customers with a competitive advantage through data driven decision-making and predictive analytics powered by Advanced Digital Technologies and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.


To be the partner of choice of those who seek a competitive business edge through the utilization of New Generation Advanced Technologies.


  • Unrivaled prices, but not cheap
  • Our clients know their business better than we do; we empower them
  • Clear ROI on everything we do
  • Friendly and Ethical Consultation


A Great Person attracts Great People and knows how to hold them together.

Mohan Vasudevan - Executive Chairman Aventra Group
Serial Entrepreneur
Mohan Vasudevan is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor known for his progressive and thought leadership in Telco and ICT industry for over 20 years. Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, he was in Corporate leadership functions spined various business verticals, achieved accelerated growth, and successfully turned them profitable.

Mohan’s passion for disruptive technology with deep expertise in Advanced ICT & Digital Technologies led him to make a “life-changing” decision to leave the well-settled corporate world to become a successful entrepreneur of a few companies.

He is a firm believer in nurturing and inspiring young talent to achieve their entrepreneurial aspiration by mentoring and investing. He is currently on the board of many companies and mentored them to grow and have successful exits.
Ajay Gupta - CEO & Executive Director Aventra Group India
Business & Technology Evangelist
Ajay is a business and technology evangelist with 20+ years of industry experience in Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Digital Transformation and Payments Systems. He has led large technology driven business transformation initiatives starting from consulting to delivery in Telcom, ICT, BFSI and Digital Commerce space.

Ajay has worked in various leadership positions with global IT Services companies and disruptive software product companies in consulting, business, technology and built enterprise business at scale.

Ajay is a passionate entrepreneur, start-up consultant and an Angel Investor.
Juan Jose Gil - CEO & Executive Director Aventra Group Singapore
Maritime & Agribusiness
Juan is a transformation leader with 10+ years of experience working both horizontally and vertically within organizations to streamline processes, boost productivity, and eliminate waste. Juan has led complex multi-million-dollar projects with global footprints in different roles in Multinational companies.

His obsession is always value creation, streamlining processes, and technology monetization.

He is also a Digital Thought Leader in Maritime and Agribusiness with experience in Data Orchestration, Digital Fleet Management, Advanced Analytics, AI & ML, IoT, Edge Computing, among others.

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