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Fleet Performance shouldn’t be complicated.
It should be simplified.

AG Carbondex was built with technical teams in mind! CII represents a great opportunity to increase fleet performance when it is done right.

“We stand just by your side to make your company succeed, not only with CII but with Fleet Performance.”

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CII solutions for you
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Key Features
Detailed visualization
Consequence forecasting
Real-time benchmarking
Fast & Interactive dashboards
Vessels’ sailing speed analysis
Automated reporting
Full Benefits
Improve regulatory compliance
Professional data integration
Multi-user access
Smarter fuel management
Maintenance free
Value for money
Managed Services
24/7 customer service
Minimized downtime
Predictable low cost
Data compliance
ISO 27001

More than just perfect charts

Realizing the true value of the data that your organization collects opens the door to decision-making that combines traditional principles grounded in behavioral science, human expertise and intuition.
The ability to go through your entire fleet intelligently, knowing the past, present and future!
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Work As A Team

The entire team can actively collaborate on fleet performance with unlimited users, flexible permissions and features built around exception management.
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Manage Remotely

Handle any fleet-related task or surface critical data anytime, anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone friendly applications designed for busy, distributed fleets.
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Automate Reporting

Automate your reporting process from end to end through powerful operational workflows and data integrations. No more manual data entry.

Comprehensive and detailed fleet performance analysis

The next-generation fleet performance management software combines sophisticated contemporary technologies and secured cloud-based architecture to enable access to your real-time fleet data anytime, anywhere.
Explore the details at your fingertip by identifying the type, ratings and age of your vessel.

Fleet emission performance management

Whether you’re an in-house or third-party ship manager, AG Carbondex provides data-driven insights to increase efficiency to meet IMO CII compliance requirements and achieve overall operational excellence when it comes to managing your fleet emission performance.
Eliminate any future concerns with advanced filters to analyze emission data.

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“IMO 2030 may seem like a tall mountain to climb for many shipping companies. We are here to help your company not only survive but thrive through Emission Optimisation.”

Venkat Ram
Product Manager
In June 2021, the IMO adopted extensive new CO2 regulations applicable to existing ships. The CII rating scheme was introduced to address operational efficiency, whereby a ship is given a rating from A to E. This new regulation will impact shipping companies worldwide. Shipping companies must start collecting data from January 2023.

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