Offshore Oil, Gas & Wind

Offshore Oil, Gas & Wind

The Offshore Industry, from being an offshoot of the Maritime sector, has evolved into a Vital and an Individual entity, standing by it’s own,  comprising of Offshore vessels which are ships that specifically serve operational purposes such as oil exploration, wind farm installation, pipeline laying and construction work in the high seas.

There are a variety of offshore vessels, which not only help in exploration, drilling and installations but also for providing necessary supplies to the excavation and construction units located at the high seas, comprising of

    • Oil Exploration and Drilling Vessels
    • Offshore Support Vessels
    • Offshore Production Vessels
    • Construction/Special Purpose Vessels

As the pressure to deliver increases across the oil, gas and wind farm industry, maximizing rig performance is vital to both energy companies and drilling contractors whilst ensuring the safe operation of the Rig.

Through our bespoke solutions, Aventra leverages its experience with the best of the best in the Maritime sector to help Offshore Rig and Vessel owners and operators across all asset classes, achieve and sustain pinnacle performance by enabling you to

    • Maintain a low OPEX
    • Achieve highest safety standards
    • Increase Asset Availability
Offshore Oil & Gas

Our bespoke solutions and services for the offshore industry covering include

Data Assetization

As a result of a dynamic market environment, dozens of software applications are deployed to achieve operational efficiencies on various fronts, which in turn leads to the generation of data in silos. Using Aventra’s Data expertise,  Integrate together the data generated by various applications to drill deep down for the orchestrated extraction of in-depth insights, trends and patterns through Artificial Intelligence and ML-powered Data Analytics, helping unlock the true potential of your data, the oil of the 21st century.

Key Benefits Include

    • Early Identification of Problems
    • Reduce your downtime through better planning
    • Access to complete operational history
    • Enable your on-shore and off-shore teams to be more efficient
    • Enable adoption of standard processes across units
    • Create best practices through accumulating experience and knowledge
    • Improved safety and safety consciousness
    • Improves efficiency in all project phases
    • Reduced costs and saving time
    • Decreased Emissions
Data Assetization

Enterprise Resource Planning and Asset Management (ERPAM)

With our proven track record in enabling companies to embrace Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, we offer future-ready enterprise resource planning and asset management solutions, powered by AI and ML, tailored for the offshore industry, integrates Technical, Safety, and Procurement solution workflows for your entire fleet, reducing maintenance costs, driving efficiencies, productivity in safety & task completion while achieving compliance and to stay ahead of the competition while registering benchmark performances in

    • Asset lifecycle management
    • Supply management
    • Core Asset Management
    • Monitoring
    • Maintenance and Planning
    • Crew Recruitment and Management
    • Fleet Optimisation Solutions
    • Emission Reduction
    • Management of Change
    • Safety compliance

Application Modernization

Offshore Industry operations are complex and heavily regulated. Thus, companies usually have a very complex matrix of systems and applications that are seldom upgraded or revamped.

Using a system for more than 10 years without any modernization will generate the same result but will not bring the efficiencies needed in a digital economy. Obsolete systems demand extensive manual activities and personnel to operate, turning a competitive company of the past into a slow and inefficient company for the present and near future.

Legacy systems limit your IT to support business operations effectively and efficiently in terms of cost and turnaround time. It also limits innovation since the business operates in a fragmented environment.

Has IT generated any revenue for your company or is it just a cost centre?
Are your operations secured from vessel to shore?
Not sure where to start and what to do first?
Not sure what is the right decision for your applications, off-the-shelf or bespoke?
Application Modernization

We at Aventra are available for you to evaluate your existing applications, propose and execute modernization of your application ecosystem.