Application Modernization & Re-Platforming

Application Modernization
& Re-Platforming

Aventra Group brings Expertise to build Digital Dominance for increasing competitive advantages of business by modernizing the applications and platforms.

Traditionally enterprises have grown by having unique business process as differentiators. Doing things differently is a competitive edge but it should not be limited to the process. In fast pace technology growth, legacy systems limit your IT to support business operations effectively and efficiently in terms of cost and turn around time. It also limits innovation since business operates in fragmented environment.

Aventra partners with the customers to overcome challenges by implementing Application Modernization & Re-platforming Framework.

Aventra Application Modernization & Re-platforming Framework


Digital Scoring

Aventra consulting services performs full assessment of the environment covering all aspects like Application, Infrastructure, Data, Platform IQ (Integration Quality), Security, Maintainability, Uptime & Scalability and Business Processes.

Digital Scoring report covers the modernization recommendation of the environment and suggested approach. Aventra Consulting proposal are typically aligned with agile approach to align with business priorities.


Digital Repurposing

Business Process & Data
Aventra first preserve the top valued assets of business - “Business Process” & “Business Data”. While assessment report gives an idea of readiness, in repurposing process detailed strategy of data transformation, business process documentations are done to layout implementation plan of refactoring and re-engineering. Aventra implementation team works in tandem with consulting team to implement strategy and plan.

Digital Regeneration

Application & Platform
Aventra implements the suggestive approach and by considering digital scoring of Application & Platform. Keeping ROI in considerations, modernization implementation is carried out. The aim is to have better TCO. Implementation may include fresh application and platform development as well it depends on how long legacy is maintained.

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