Maritime 5G

Maritime 5G

“Connectivity is by far the most painful point of connected vessels, it’s slow & expensive.” – Ship Owners

Aventra’s 5G as a Service allows ports, terminals & shipping companies to enjoy 5G globally!

Connected Ports & Automated terminals require 5G, but it is prohibitive; we made 5G possible with only 5% of the investment. 4G was useful for vessels, but limited due to hardware fragmentation & Global Telco Network fragmentation; now vessels can enjoy 5G near the coast wherever they are sailing. It doesn’t replace satellite internet for vessels, it makes it a back-up.

Now, any port can dream of deploying 5G.

Market Solution

Ecosystem of partnerships

4G/5G/LTE are among the best solutions for vessels connectivity while at port. With enhanced communication technology comes superior maritime communication. Edge 5G is expected to facilitate the roll-out of smart devices that can send back real-time monitoring of maritime transport equipment entering and leaving ports and improve ship-shore communications for ship traffic. In addition to providing good quality connectivity for the internet of things sensors that can assist in search and rescue efforts by providing real-time information and precise positioning of downed or stuck vessels.

Container vessels, Cruise vessels & Ferries, Accommodation vessels and Fishery boats, are demanding more economical solutions from satellite and network providers.

An affordable 4G/5G Private Network that connect vessels to their enterprise network whenever they are at port (near the coast).

A centralized managed service that provides automatic connectivity to vessels near shore with full transparency of costs. Conveniently manages fleet budget and data allocation.

Vessels are connected to private 4G/5G network whenever they are at port and VSAT while at high sea. Keeping the perfect blend of data exchange and cost effective solution.



Pioneering new architecture network for maritime business


Exceptional software services & maritime domain expertise.

Edge Computing – Diverts ship traffic to secure local data center / server.

Unique network slicing in 5G & 4G cater for security and better quality.

Industry first Edge 5G / 4G core, requires less hardware and cost effective.

Global network roaming support with low delay and supreme high speed.

Aventra & Partner

Integrated offering with a well-defined framework

Network Slicing
Dynamic slices for different applications like IoT integrates wireless networks like Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth Clear separation between private & public networks.

Application Integration & new services simplified by common platform.


Global Availability

Enable Global Roaming

Through partner solution using Multi-IMSI global SIM cards. A multi SIM & multi-IMSI router which enables ship-wide Wi-Fi Covers 200+ countries & territories.


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