Data Orchestration

Data Orchestration

Digital transformation is a necessary journey for organizations to grow and be competitive in the market, regardless of their industry.

Digitalization needs to be business-driven, and it must have an end objective clearly defined. One of the most critical capabilities an organization can gain today is predictive analytics, but achieving this insight level requires complex aspects that are often overlooked.

This is where Aventra Group can help you; we are data orchestrator experts. We cover the entire spectrum of requirements to help you create a data-driven decision-making organization, from understanding your business all the way to delivering easy-to-understand yet powerful graphical interfaces with the information you need to be ahead of the rest.

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Data Engineering + Data Warehouse

  • Run EFLwith Azure Etta factory.
  • Assign permissions and classifications.
  • Etna along with all data context is immediately available in the analytics database.

Data Engineering + Data Engineering

  • Run specialized transient workloads for security profiling, data preparation, Ell, etc.
  • Azure have dedicated clusters with data modelling, Data Cleansing and remove appropriate redundancy.
  • Data along with all data context is immediately available to all appropriate tools.

Data Engineering + Data Science

  • Run analysis with azure synapse,Azure databricks and Azure analysis service


At the heart of every successful Data Orchestration Platform there is a serious consultative approach.

Aventra deep thinking and industry expertise guarantee a 360° review of business current state and potential transformation. With advanced technology, it is required to Re-engineer your processes while keeping the business logics that has brought you success in business; Aventra experts will help you to revamp your business processes with the best fit technology in mind.

Data Integration & Data Engines

Old IT architecture generate legacy systems & siloed data bases which impedes the Data Orchestration of your business.

To transform the prevailing state of companies today, it is required to integrate scattered data through Data Warehouses and Data Lakes empowered by Engines equipped with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

New Technologies such as IoT, Edge Computing, & both Cloud Computing and Cloud Infrastructure allow the intake of new sources of relevant data and its transformation into insights, decisions, & actions. All this, while keeping your platform secure, reliable, & scalable for monetization.

Master Data Management

Master your data with Aventra enterprise-grade industry native bespoke MDM (MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT) solution. Aventra believes that key drivers of significant business outcomes cannot only be deploying cloud-native MDM solutions, but real success is when the solution is industry native which gives a unique competitive advantage for your business growth, both accelerated and sustainable.

Predictive Analytics & Data Visualization

Organizations have diverse users working together to meet business objectives.

Decisions are made at various levels and a lack of intelligent systems makes such decisions happen in silos. This brings adverse impacts on achieving business objectives.

The ultimate goal of Predictive Analytics & Advanced Data Visualization is to reach the maturity of having decision-making processes based on dashboards and actions taken based on prescriptive analytics. All this using advanced statistical, rule-based, and model-based analytics; transcending the limits of what did happen approach to reach the new state, what will happen.

Aventra Group enables organizations to effectively take decisions by providing actionable insights using data at various levels. Users can discover, analyze, plan and predict outcomes using an advanced analytics platform with advanced statistical and model-based analytics.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

As per Gartner “Data science, ML and AI have the potential to make a profound impact in a data-driven business, but only if IT leaders can navigate through the hype.”

Organizations can accelerate their business growth by adopting automated and intelligent business process execution using AI/ML. Furthermore, AI is not just meant to replace your manual tasks but to fully automate end-to-end processes and create lots of business benefits like accurate and faster decision-making processes.

By using ML (Machine Learning) & NLP (Natural Language Processing), Aventra Group not only transforms an organization’s “IT” into more innovative and cost-optimized, it also transforms “Business” to be more predictable by developing rule-based systems.

Aventra works on transformational projects for organizations and helps them to start on AI to drive revenues by digitalizing and modernizing use cases such as improving customer interactions, analyzing data faster, automating decision-making. All this, using ML and NLP algorithms.

Aventra aims to help your company to achieve data-driven decisions faster than your competition and to eliminate the adverse impact of biased decisions.


IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is the evolution of SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems at scale including data acquisition, data transformation, and automation of processes. All industrial or semi-industrial processes are subject to be transformed with IoT.

Aventra Industrial IoT lab constantly innovates in the development of IoT ecosystems with an integrated and predictable behavior, which guarantees the impact of the business outcome. IoT lab also supports the co-creation of prototypes and bespoke solutions using software stacks.

Aventra IoT Analytics framework enables and differentiates enterprise on business outcomes when the framework seamlessly collects a large volume of IoT data from the devices and provides actionable insight dashboards from purpose-built analytics frameworks rather than generic ones.

Along with IoT Analytics, Aventra offers services like IoT Device Management, IoT security platform, IoT Identity protection, etc.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud adoption is the only proven way to accelerate digital transformation journey for enterprises in a realistic and effective manner. In the digital transformation journey, enterprises may fail if they do not have a clear vision and strategy to reach their goals.

Aventra Group recommends organizations embark on their journey by adopting proven models like transformation through modernization.

Cloud Advisory Services

Aventra Cloud Advisory team assesses existing hosting environments, applications of enterprises to create the right cloud environment. Successfully migrating to the cloud, rightsizing of the cloud infrastructure, making the platform secure, scalable, and available are key implementation services provided by Aventra under advisory services.

Enterprise CIOs can partner with Aventra to strategize enterprise multi-cloud or a Hybrid cloud journey and benefit from highly optimized TCO from cloud-based deployments.

Cloud Managed Services

Adoption of Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments is at its peak for Enterprises. Just by adoption of Public cloud like AWS, Azure, Google GCP, Huawei Cloud or Alibaba does not guarantee all cloud benefits to the enterprise specially when it comes to de-risking or cost saving strategy. You always require the right & experienced cloud managed service partner and the Cloud Management tools to work alongside enterprises on defined KPIs.

Aventra Cloud Managed services offers DevOps, Micro Services, Containers, Security, and Data Protection in Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environment. 24×7 monitoring and support is delivered by team of experts using state of the art secure command center.

Needless to say, a Cloud Migration requires a full understanding of the Architecture, Cloud Readiness, Costs, Managed Services, Compliance & Security, and the Migration Project that includes workshops, pilots, planning, preparation, and implementation. Aventra partners with enterprises to get Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud environment set-up and managed as a turnkey solution.

Aventra helps enterprises to identify and protects issues arising due to Cloud Sprawl and transform traditional IT into On-Demand IT. Aventra Multi-Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud Management framework addresses all cloud governance issues related to Cloud Cost Optimizations – FinOps, Cloud service Automation & Security – DevSecOps, Cloud demand and workload management – ITOps etc.

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